Seating Bay Banners from $10 a sqm delivered

Large Seating Bay Banners are a versatile branding and marketing tool that can make a huge impact. They can be tied outdoors or indoors on stadium seating, and many other places.

Showcase events and promotions, campaigns, schedules, sponsors, and general branding with large banners that will be sure to capture attention from far away. Large banners are also a great solution for event backdrops like commencements, concerts, and more.

Seating Bay Banners can also be multi-purpose. The banners can cover blank and boring exterior spaces or areas that may be undergoing a renovation while also promoting an event, sponsor, or your brand. Large Banners used as seat covers can feature sponsors during televised events when there are large sections of unused seating.  They can also be used to cover empty sections of seats to give the appearance of a full stadium for smaller events.

The sizing and finishing of large banners can be customized to your project, and our experienced Team can help determine which material is the best fit for your needs.

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