Polyester mesh banners are ideal for events and recurrent short term use. The beauty of polyester mesh banners are that they are very lightweight and easy installed and removed. The print detail is amazing and the banners are finished with eyelets at 500mm.

Polyester mesh is very popular with event organizers who appreciate the ease of install and removal on short bump in and outs. As it is lightweight it is often used around stage and scaffolds for things such as stage backdrops, stage skirts, stage sides, stage valances and speaker stack covers. Air and wind flow easily through the material and it creates a lot less wind drag on stage trusses and scaffolds than more traditional PVC banner mesh. Polyester mesh banners can be customized up to a length of 30ft and a height of 10ft although if can be joined with a seam if need be.
The other main advantage of polyester mesh is that it can be folded up into a very small form and stored away with minimum space usage. Banner made from fabric do not heavily wrinkle and look instantly perfect when reinstalled. Unlike banner mesh which must be stored rolled up and can lose ink when abraded against something, polyester banners will not scratch.

Polyester mesh banners are very popular with councils and local tourism promoters as they are perfect for recurring events or promotions. Polymesh or Duramesh as it is sometimes known can be used for crowd control barrier covers or gazebo sides.
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