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Inflatable Pillars

Outdoor advertising opportunities abound with  our Inflatable Towers. They tower above the crowd sky high and compliment your main display such as tents or backdrops. Use them along race tracks or the finish line at marathons  and events. They are fully sealed and come with lots of extras.


Inflatable Pillars

Inflatable Pillars finish the look of virtually any event. They are used in races and marathons as place markers. You can use them outdoors where your message needs to be seen from a distance. Or indoors when you are required to tower above the competition such as at a trade show.  LED Lights are available for night events also.

Inflatable Pillar Sizes

Our Inflatable Tube Pillars are available in the following most popular sizes.

Width x Height:
45cm x 180cm click here for pricing
45cm x 220cm click here for pricing
45cm x 280cm click here for pricing
90cm x 280cm click here for pricing
90cm x 365cm click here for pricing
Custom Sizing is Available

Custom Branding

Customize your pillars throughout the entire surface of the tube.  They are custom printed in full color, onto replaceable fabris 360* zips or spandex sleeves. Here you can find that the columns can be used for branding purposes at events and not just race markers. 

Fully Customizable

Each pillar is customizable to your specifications.  They are custom printed with your graphics. In this particular example we added a spandex sleeve ( beenie style cap on top ) so that our client could add their own Arrows for a safety crossing path. The top of the column is left blank and printed the same color so u can add sponsors or crossing caps. Even Mile or Km distances. etc.

Quality Construction

Our Inflatable Towers are made from high quality TPU rather than PVC Tarpaulin.  TPU has good elasticity, long service life, and hydrolysis resistance. Compared to single layer PVC tarpaulin, TPU is lightweight, replaceable, and the printed colors last longer. The base of the pillar has Teflon wear pads, and an overpressure safety valve.


Fully Customized Pillars

The base of our pillars have slide in sandbags if needed or ou can add weights. Less tie down straps if any at all.  Then you can slide them around. Move from place to place fast.

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