Designed in the Philippines free of charge, trusted by worldwide brands such as Hoka, Saucony, C.A, and much more.. The Airdome inflatable tent only needs to be inflated once and comes in just 1 single backpack. Fully customized, delivered in your corporate identity within 15 business days and available in different sizes to require your needs perfectly. Set-up by just 1 person in less than 5 minutes and easy to transport in a small car. Ready for maximum exposure?

Your brand, product or team is everything. The culmination of all the work you do to tell your story or to reach your goals. It’s the representation of the blood, sweat and tears of you and your team.

You can’t just put that brand on any old thing.

When you need to get your customers’ or visitors’ attention, or you’re looking to maximize exposure at an event, what you put your logo on matters. This is why we made our Airdome tents. Fully custom made in your corporate identity.  Ready to boost your brand, product or team?

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