Inflatable Half Arch set

Just like big arches, these inflatable half arches are also a great assistant for arranging sport competitions (or other events). Inflatable half arches are great advertising surfaces where you can either print permanently logos/text or temporarily attach banners with Hook and Loop Velcro. These inflatable half arches are normally used when there is not much room or it is complicated to use big ones.

Solid Teflon bases.

Our Arches are made from high quality TPU rather than PVC Tarpaulin.  TPU has good elasticity, long service life, and hydrolysis resistance. Compared to single layer PVC tarpaulin, TPU is lightweight, replaceable, and the printed colors last longer. The base of the pillar has Teflon wear pads, and an overpressure safety valve.
Production and delivery time: 2 weeks approx. 
1 set of arches  $2850 + GST delivered DHL.
1200W Electric pump add AUD $150
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