Car magnet designs may vary depending on the intended use for the final product. Any business or individual may use a car magnet for different reasons, that's why it's important to have a design that effectively communicates a message and has an eye-catching look . Whether you want to reach more potential clients,  promote a cause, or simply decorate your ride, Then car magnets are perfect for you.
Let these photos inspire you to create your ideas that will turn heads as you drive down different roads!  Then let our designers do the rest.

     Business Promotion- Reach more people with a car magnet that advertises your business without going over the top. Include important details such as phone numbers or website addresses that customers can use to contact you. Don't forget to include your logo or an image that can boost your brand. Who knows, your next big sale might come from someone who saw your sign!
The Price is as following:

2 car magnets 500mm x 350mm,the price is $75
2 car magnets 450mm x 450mm ,the price is $85
2 car magnets 600mm x 400mm ,the price is$90


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